Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Game: Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype: Deathmatch

This is my first level for Unreal Tournament 3. It's not completed yet, but you can track the progress below.

Initial Design

This level started with a visualisation of one area of the level (the armour bridge), so I quickly sketched it. This sketch only shows about half the level, which surrounds the armour bridge area. The arrows show the direction (up) of ramps and stairs.

Blocking it out

The half of the level which was sketched initially was quickly blocked out in UnrealEd and has remained unchanged. The other half of the level went through four different revisions before I was happy with the layout. I solved the vast height differences by using jump pads, and opened up the level using two teleporters. These also combine to give the gameplay an oldschool Quake feeling, which I really like.


The plan from the beginning for the visual theme was to include a lot of old brick and concrete. I also wanted to use as many existing UT3 assets as possible. This was proving difficult since I coudln't find many suitable textures that shipped with the game.

Eventually I found some textures hidden away in the HU_Walls_Brick package. But the textures (diffuse, normal and specular maps) hadn't been combined into materials, and only materials can be applied to geometry. So I created 8 different brick and concrete materials which gave me an opportunity to become familiar with the Material Editor, even if my materials are very simple.

There are some existing structural meshes also, such as archways and pillars, but I intend on creating my own for specific parts of the level.

Tracking Progress

Here are three screenshots of the same area in the map, at three different stages of development so far.

After play testing with friends, a higher ledge was added to fill this room out, and also block line of sight across parts of the level (we found it too easy to spam rockets at a teleporter). The new 'ledge' then changed from curved to rectangular to fit the theme of the level.

Adding Detail

There is still a long way to go, but here are some images showing off use of the brick materials and geometry.